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Escape Room Atlantis

In collaboration with escape room vendors, we designed multiple highly connected and interactive rooms featuring one-of-a-kind puzzles. This design grants the Game Master complete authority over all aspects of the game, including the ability to monitor ongoing progress. Our creations are designed to merge elements of interactive play, engagement, and connection in an entertaining and bonding experience.

We've crafted interactive rooms for various clients, with each project involving a collaborative effort in game setting design, room interactions, and storyline development, alongside requirement analysis and technical implementation. To streamline the process of non-linear interactive storytelling, we developed a dashboard that simplifies reasoning about different stages and editing the game flow. Interactive rooms serve not just as escape rooms but also as platforms for engaging customers, building team skills, and telling mesmerizing, immersive stories that would otherwise remain untold.

For a robust gaming experience, we've implemented remote troubleshooting capabilities and utilized battle-proven technology borrowed from the event industry, such as ArtNet or DMX. These are interfaced with a custom programmable DMX interface, ensuring our interactive rooms are not only innovative but also reliable and versatile in delivering unforgettable experiences.

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