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The Lightbound

Together with the renowned designer and filmmaker Emilia Taprest, we have created a unique way to bring together people from all over the world in a meaningful and heartfelt manner. Through this special collaboration, we have crafted something subtle yet powerful, allowing individuals to express their feelings through a remote presence.

In today's world, remote communication has become a necessity for many of us. We rely on screens to communicate with each other and are often confined to our own spaces. The Lightbound was one of its kind; the innovative communication device was first crafted in 2015 and surpassed the concept of emotional communication via screens. For this, human touch and heartbeat were measured and transformed into the ambient light of the recipient, filling the room with one's presence and allowing individuals to stay connected. Emilia Taprest, a renowned designer and filmmaker, came to us with the question of how to realize her unique idea technically. Together, we found an approach for the lamp and wearable heartbeat sensor that was easy to implement yet still able to transfer the intricacies of human touch through the internet to the other side of the planet with minimal latency and long battery life.

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But what if we could bring remote communication from screens to our physical world?

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